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Agricultural emulsifiers


A formulation is a mixture of the active ingredient withother inert (inactive) substances. Different formulations may be useddifferently. Some are to be used direct from the package, while others needto be diluted with water, oil, or other carriers. The most frequently dry and water miscible formulations include: EC،SP،WP،SL

Each pesticide formulation contains:

-          Active Ingredients

-          Solvents

-          Emulsifiers

-          Stabilizer, Stickers, antifoams etc.

Depending on the stability, physical properties and application the amounts of these components will vary.


Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)

The formulation of an active ingredient as an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) is common as it is simple to manufacture and low in cost. It contains the active ingredient, a solvent and an emulsifier system that allows the formulation to be mixed with water to form a stable emulsion.

BNSP offers the following pair emulsifiers for EC formulation:


Pentamul E-8108

Pentamul E-8112

Pentamul C-9420

Pentamul C-9440

Pentamul C-9460


Soluble Liquids (SL)


Active ingredients which dissolve readily in water can be formulated as soluble liquids (SL). To achieve a better wetting on plant leaves, additional wetting agents can be added to the concentrate. The biological performance is further improved by using adjuvants.

The most important active ingredient formulated as SL is Glyphosate, Paraquat, and Bentazon.

BNSP offers the following emulsifiers for SL formulation:

Pentamul B-31

Pentamul B-80

Pentamul B-100

Pentamul R-20

Pentamul S-30


Mayonnaise (Volk) oils:


Mayonnaise (Volk) oils are emulsions of about 80 percent oil emulsified in about 18 percent water with 2 percent emulsifier. Volk oils also are easy to apply with existing spray equipment and can be mixed with many other pesticides to extend their performance.

BNSP offers the following emulsifiers for thisapplication:

Pentamul R-40

Pentamul RM-140

Brown Blue Orange