Friday, July 19, 2019


Bonyan Novin Shimi Pars (BNSP) Co.

About Bonyan Novin Shimi Pars (BNSP)

Bonyan Novin Shimi Pars (BNSP), supplies economical, high-quality chemical additives with first-class customer service and timely technical service to petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries as well as independent manufacturers and aftermarket industries. We are diverse, and we offer products across a broad range of categories. All products from BNSP are subjected to stringent laboratory testing for the latest requirements and specifications. Our team of researchers continually strives to meet and exceed new performance requirements. Ultimately, every quality specification requested by the end-user is met without exception.

As a customer of BNSP, you will:

•    Save money on your additive purchases
•    Buy the quality you need, not the quality a major additive company wants to sell
•    Get timely technical service
•    Get first-class customer service

Our customers benefit from timely quotes, low prices, high quality products, rapid deliveries, new product developments and personal attention. Professionalism, integrity, honesty, commitment and reliability are key elements of our business and our culture.

Contact us now to get the technical service and customer service you need and start saving.



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